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Fake News

5 Tastefully Decorated Tiny Homes That Also Happen to be Haunted

Tiny homes are a lifestyle, a convenience, and a money-saver. No longer just a fad, small living will never go out of style, and these five houses will show you that you don’t need a lot of space to make a big impression.

And while unfortunately these five homes are haunted, that’s not really the fault of the home or the decoration.

This miniature ranchette, right in the heart of changing East Hollywood, is a dream for anyone who wants urban living with a small footprint. Less than 400 square feet, it’s got everything you need, and the Murphy Bed drops down to cover up the blood stains on the floors. The kitchen table is the sink, so cleanup is a cinch, which makes it just as easy to entertain guests here as in one of those elaborate McMansions the consumerist big house community call “bachelor studios.” If you’re a retiree who wants to save money, stay out of the trailer parks, and want to live an exciting city life, this house on a trailer-bed is for you. As if that weren’t enough, the previous owners disappeared under mysterious circumstances, meaning this place is for sale!

This tiny newlywed’s dream of a house out in the heart of the Lost Souls Forest screams both clean-living and also screams with the blood-curdling sound of the children who disappeared in the woods so many years ago. The granite countertops that double as a shower really pop against the spectral red balloons of the spirit children searching for their lost parents that sometimes get stuck in the kitchen. Make sure they don’t choose you if you want to hold onto your honeymoon vibes!

This chic backyard bungalow blends seamlessly into the surrounding suburban neighborhood. Who knew this unassuming cul-de-sac held so many secrets? No need for a TV or room for books, because you’ll spend hours decoding the fun horrifying messages that will appear burnt onto the floor each morning, left there by the spirits of wronged lovers past. For those of us in the gig economy, a place with its own entertainment system is essential, and this place literally will not let you set down your guard for an instant. And while tiny living is all about cutting down on the unessential, we quite like the privacy curtains by the bed that keeps out the glowing orb that appears every night right outside the bedroom window.

Looking at this beachfront A-frame, you’ll go gaga over the amenities. Full washer-dryer capable of handling a load of up to one piece of clothing at a time, so long as you pour water in continuously for three hours. A queen sized bed that’s also the floor and closet, it’s got everything! Even better, you’ll never be bored—every time you leave the house, the vengeful poltergeist will rearrange everything and smash any unbolted down piece of dishware. Now that’s ascetic tiny living!

Drive down the country road, past a bucolic country house with spectral corpses hanging off the trees, and you’ll see this beautiful tiny home: 500 square feet, so a little big, but this 2-bedroom will feel cozy once you settle in, and the dark cloud covers everything in a thick fog. It’s a perfect blend of indoor-outdoor space, as the haunted, possessed fog cloud will rip off any door you try to put in, allowing you to live a more natural life. And as an extra bonus, the ceiling will pulsate red at night, meaning you’ll have no need for lights. That’s efficiency!

Remember, just because a house has a small footprint, doesn’t mean it can’t have a huge impact. Hopefully, this slideshow inspired you and helped prepare you to take the punge to the other side—to tiny living. Modern consumerist life has fixated on “space” and “freedom from ghosts destroying your life” at the cost of remembering what really matters: what you do with the space you have.

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