WATCH: This Is What It Takes To Bed A REAL LA Woman

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What does it take to bed a woman in Los Angeles?

Not much, according to new music video “The REAL Women Of LA.” Contrary to popular wisdom, all Angelenas really need is a sweet, kind and disease-free guy.

“We like porking you but we need romance too,” sings one woman. But our favorite piece of advice?

“Just get to know us over some Umami.” Mmm… delicious.

Filmed as a response to DJ Lubel’s “Women Of LA” song, which portrayed LA’s fairer sex as gold-digging drug addicts, the music video (above) lets viewers know LA ladies do love to screw. It just has to be with the right dude at the right time.

Creator Deborah Craig, who is also an actress and director, said seeing Lubel’s outrageously sexist take on LA ladies didn’t enrage her like it did so many other women.

“I just felt like it was about a guy who couldn’t get laid and it was silly,” Craig said to HuffPost. But unlike an earlier video reaction called “The Nice Guys Of LA,” which spoofs men’s unfair sex-pectations, Craig’s video is also a reaction to blogger Erin Gibson’s takedown of Lubel’s concept — or what Craig described as an “angry” and “uptight.”

“We can’t have this angry, uptight, response parody or then we just cement the argument that LA women are uptight!” she explained. So she sent Gibson’s post to all her friends and then they “got fired the f*** up!”

Craig enlisted friends and fellow actresses Lisa Datz, Jacqui Polk, Haviland Stillwell and Jessica-Snow Wilson, as well as co-producer Milena Govich, to showcase LA women as they really are: multiethnic, smart, sexy — and really into “peen.”

Watch the music video that started it all and let us know in the comments below: do you think Craig hit the nail on the head?

WARNING: Language and video is graphic.

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