WATCH: Stewart Lampoons O’Reilly’s Christmas Freakout

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Jon Stewart addressed one of Bill O’Reilly’s more impassioned “War on Christmas” moments during a Monday monologue about Fox News’ latest attempts to guard America from the horror of creeping secularism.

O’Reilly, who is the undisputed leader of “War on Christmas” coverage, had a slightly shouty (by which we mean it was surprising chairs weren’t thrown) conversation with an atheist on his show last week. Besides calling his guest a “fascist,” he also claimed that Christianity is a philosophy, not a religion.

On his show, Stewart responded to his Fox News buddy.

“Christianity is a religion,” he said, somewhat obviously. To point out the difference between philosophy and religion, he contrasted Socrates and Jesus.

“Here’s where we find the distinction between philosophy and religion,” he said. “After their martyrdom, one of them got better.”

Watch the full segment above.

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