WATCH: Panda Cub Gets Heart-Melting Diagnosis

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It’s a diagnosis that any cuddly animal would be proud of.

According to a YouTube video uploaded this week by the San Diego Zoo, a squeal-worthy panda cub named Xiao Liwu (or “little gift”) has — after a fabulous, frolicking examination — been diagnosed with “acute cuteness.”

Zoo staff say that it took “three sets of hands to measure and examine” the 6-month-old cub, who has been described as “strong” and “playful” with the spirit of an “adventurer.”

According to an earlier report in The Huffington Post, Xiao Liwu made his public debut at the California zoo last month. The cub, as well his mom and three-year-old brother, are reportedly on loan from the Chinese government.

Other than the San Diego Zoo, there are only three other locations in the United States where visitors can see giant pandas. Currently, four pandas — including Xiao Liwu — can be seen gamboling about the San Diego Zoo’s lush enclosure.

Tragically, due to hunting and habitat destruction, giant pandas, which are native to China, are a threatened species. Considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, fewer than 2,500 mature giant pandas are believed to exist in the wild.

To learn more about giant pandas and how to help, go to the World Wildlife Fund’s website here.

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