Joe Biden Is CLEARLY Over Republicans, And He’s Not Afraid To Speak His Mind

Like usual, Biden says what we're all thinking.

Romney and Ryan Hit The Road Again….. For Music Tour

Presidential candidate Mitt “Ragtime” Romney and his VP running mate Paul “Slowhand” Ryan are once again jumping in the bus and heading out onto the highways of the United States of America. However, what is more surprising, [...]

Paul Ryan Gets A Meme

The moment Paul Ryan revealed his workout regimen to TIME Magazine, we all knew it was a matter of time before those photographic gems were turned into the world’s best vice presidential memes. Along came the “Hey Girl, It’s [...]

Lea Black: Keeping Score at the Debates: Biden Mauls Ryan on Malarkey and Religion While the Woman Keeping Them in Check Became the Night’s Breakout Star

After President Obama went soft on the national debate stage, his second in command picked up the boss’ slack in a big way. You see, just like The Real Housewives audience is crazy for real drama, America loves a big political smackdown [...]
joe biden won

Joe Biden Wins Debate, Although it’s Debatable

  Even though Joe Biden clearly won last night’s Vice Presidential debate against VP hopeful Paul Ryan, if you consider facts and logic a winning strategy, various news media are calling Ryan the winner.  From this, we can only [...]

VP Debate Sends A Nation To Sleep

Rude, condescending, arrogant, always interrupting, unhinged and mean. No, Sean Hannity wasn’t talking about himself. That was his description of Vice-President Joe Bidens performance last night at the one and only VP debate in Kentucky. The [...]

President Obama and VP Biden Invite Kate Middleton To A White House Barbecue

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a move to show that the United States does not think bad of Kate Middleton for having been photographed topless, President Obama and Vice-President Biden have decided to extend to her a cordial invitation of support. The [...]

Guy Who Picked Sarah Palin for VP Wishes He Did Not Say "Train Wreck" to Describe Anything

Mere seconds after telling reporters yesterday in Cernobbio, Italy that President Obama’s Iran policy was a “train wreck,” failed 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain who selected Sarah Palin to be his VP running mate regretted [...]

Romney Dumps VP "Big Whopper Ryan" for Really Good Actor — Chuck Norris

On the heels of Chuck Norris’ critically acclaimed Romney campaign ad warning of “1,000 years of darkness” should Obama win reelection, Mitt Romney held a press conference just minutes ago to announce he was replacing VP pick [...]
Dick Cheney In My Time Doing My Time

This Just In…Dick and “Heads Exploding” Used in the Same Sentence

In a new book he promised will “make heads explode all over D.C.,” purveyor of all things diabolical, ex-VP Dick Cheney reminds us of his rancidness, just in case we forgot. Personal revelations regarding his private life include [...]
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