Woman Twerks On New York City Subway Tracks Because ‘Yolo’ (VIDEO)

Here’s a short video of two women twerking on the New York City subway tracks. It’s obviously always a very bad idea to go onto the subway tracks in New York City. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz described the stunt succinctly to the [...]

The New York Post gets the Onion treatment

Adam Carolla Heads To Warner Theatre

WASHINGTON — Adam Carolla was fired from terrestrial radio in February 2009. Since then he’s earned the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast, had two New York Times best-selling books, began touring as a stand-up [...]

Hillary Clinton Offers Monica Lewinsky $12 Million To NOT Write Book

BILLINGSGATE POST – It was reported by both The New York Post and The Washington Post that Monica Lewinsky is set to pocket a quick 12 million for her heart warming story about Slick Willy’s penchant for sex toys, menage-a-trois, [...]
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 2 rupert murdoch

Rupert Murdoch Finally Admits to Phone Hacking Cover-Up

  It’s always fun when a billionaire scumbag who thinks he’s untouchable has to admit his own failures and scumbagginess. Media Mogul, Rupert Murdoch finally confessed that he knew about the eavesdropping, phone hacking [...]
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