Good Grief! <i>It’s the Far Right, Charlie Brown!</i>

This week’s poll from the Lester & Charlie Institute of Forward Thinking! As if it weren’t bad enough that conservatives were busy these days hawking amateur “art” depicting President Obama sniffing magic markers [...]

Newt Gingrich: Obama Will Kick Romney’s…Hairdo

ST. BARTS, West Indies – Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and third wife Callista were down in the Caribbean relaxing and getting away from the tons and tons of political campaign ads. According to a highly placed source with [...]
newt gingrich endorses scott walker thanks but no thanks

Newt Gingrich Endorses Scott Walker

hollande president france

Socialist Francois Hollande Dominates France

  As if America didn’t already resent France enough, they now have elected a Socialist president.  Francois Hollande was elected with 52% of the vote, sending Sarkozy into oblivion and promising to raise taxes on the rich and [...]
gingrich drops out

Newt Gingrich Set to Drop Out of Presidential Race

  Inside sources say that Newt Gingrich will be bowing out of the Presidential run this week, and conceding defeat by Mitt Romney.  Well, we’re pretty sure he won’t put it in those words.   He’ll probably say that [...]

Gingrich Urges Romney To Drop Out So He Can Focus On General Election

“Following Rick Santorum’s announcement Tuesday that he would end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, candidate Newt Gingrich called upon frontrunner Mitt Romney to drop out of the race so the former House speaker [...]

Adele Trashes Newt Gingrich at the Grammys! Spoof

newt gingrich wife number 4

Callista Gingrich Needs to Stifle That Cough

newt gingrich larry bud melman

Newt Gingrich’s Biological Father Revealed!

Newt Gingrich is Newton Leroy McPherson

Newt Gingrich’s Birth Father was a Liberal Black Man?

huntsman definition

This Just In…Jon Huntsman Leaves Presidential Race, Gets Alternate Definition

Upon the news that former Utah governor, Jon Huntsman alerted the media that he was dropping his presidential bid millions of Americans uttered a collective, “Who the hell is Jon Huntsman?” On his way out, he made a point to tell [...]
Romney defecation definition see Santorum

This Just In…Mitt Romney Gets Santorumized with New Internet Definition of His Last Name

YAY! It looks like Rick Santorum isn’t the only GOP candidate with a “Google problem.” Mitt Romney was honored today with a new definition of his last name (see image above). We here at JoRoNoMo think it’s quite appropriate…we [...]

Crushed ego sends Newt to hospital

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has been hospitalized after collapsing this morning outside of a diner in Davenport, Iowa. The former speaker had just left a sparsely attended “meet and greet” at Annie’s Coffee [...]
Why ARE the GOP Candidates Running for President

Why ARE the GOP Candidates Running for President?

Why ARE the GOP Candidates Running for President? by JoRoNoMo.com
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Fox and Friends Shocked and Staggered by Obama Poll Results

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