People Will Spend $3 Billion This Year to Look at Leaves in New England

Ah, fall! Leaves and trees and hiking and shit. All this nature, isn’t it lovely? It’s so lovely that it has all the colors: from orange to red to green, green like stacked wads of cold, hard cash. Read more… [...]

Chino The Monkey Wants You To Crush All The Leaves Right. Now. (VIDEO)

MSNBC To Broadcast The Infamous “Terrorist Training Camp In Northern NH” Video Tonight!

New York, NY – Direct from the AP newswire comes stunning information regarding MSNBC’s level of credibility. It seems a video, taken a few days ago in Central NH, of two men raking leaves, one of whom was doing karate stances and [...]

Dog Playing In A Pile Of Leaves Is What Pure Joy Looks Like (VIDEO)

We’ve said this before, but dogs can teach us humans some of life’s most important lessons. Here’s an invaluable one from Parker the English Setter: Enjoy the simple things. All this playful pup needs to have the time of [...]

‘Parks & Recreation’ Election Results: Was Leslie Knope Recalled?

“Parks & Recreation” returned from an unexpected hiatus with back-to-back episodes that decided Leslie Knope’s fate in Pawnee. It was election results time, and the whole gang vowed that they would stand by Leslie until [...]

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Heartfelt Farewell To Jay Leno On ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

While Jay Leno isn’t set to exit “The Tonight Show” until next year, Ellen DeGeneres said her goodbyes on Wednesday night. After 32 prior appearances, this was going to be her final interview on Leno’s show before he [...]

Horrible Boogie Boarding Accident Leaves Man Totally Bummed Below The Neck

ENCINITAS, CA—Local boogie boarder Kevin McLean was hospitalized Friday following an accident that left the 25-year-old completely bummed from the neck down, according to doctors.

Bedford OAP’s cannabis operation "blown" wide open!

Smokey Bedford, UK: An OAP couple who supposedly purchased a cannabis plant thinking that it was a daisy plant have been arrested after “kicking up” too much business selling the leaves of their “daisy” plant. The plant [...]

Jim Thome Leaves Game Early With Tightness In Pants

BALTIMORE—Orioles designated hitter Jim Thome was forced to leave in the fourth inning of Sunday’s game against the Boston Red Sox after complaining about tightness in his pants.

Reporter Steps In To Replace Woman’s Missing Husband

When the war in Afghanistan leaves a woman without a husband, caring reporter O'Brady Shaw steps in to replace him.

Celebrities Fall Into New Season

With fall upon us and the colder months fast approaching, the leaves aren’t the only things hitting the pavement. Celebrities are just like us and sometimes, they fall down — but they always get back up. Whether they’re [...]
British Prime Minister David Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old Daughter in Pub

British Prime Minister David Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old Daughter in Pub

The head of Great Britain’s Parliament, Prime Minister David Cameron is in the news today for having forgotten his 8-year-old daughter in a pub.  We’re not sure which is worse, that him and his wife both left the bar in separate [...]
kristin wiig thumb

Kristen Wiig Leaves SNL, Making it Even Harder to Watch

It’s official…Kristen Wiig is riding the fametrain West and has left SNL in favor of Hollywood glamor. Since her movie “Bridesmaids” made her a household name, she plans on being a big movie star from here on out. [...]
Steve Jobs Dead - Now America has even fewer of them.

This Just In…Steve Jobs Leaves, Apple Stock Plummets

Apple founding father Steve Jobs has left his post as God to the millions of  iFans who have made his company wealthier than the entire USA.  As a result, the value of the company has dropped by over $5 Billion dollars.  However, experts [...]
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