Celebrity Christmas Cards That Prove Stars Are Only A Little Like Us

Christmas cards are meant to wish loved ones a happy holiday season, or so they say. More realistically, the tradition is an attempt for families to prove to everyone in their contact book that they are still living and their kids have turned [...]

Pee-wee Herman: I Wish I Could Buy Everyone in the World a Frozen Custard Right Now

Good morning boys and girls, your pal, Pee-wee Herman here. Normally I would end that sentence with an exclamation point or two, but in light of what is happening in the northeastern part of our country, I am feeling very subdued. In case you’ve [...]

Zombie White Shark Terrorizes Massachusetts Beach

The white shark which had washed up dead on Southy And Kinda Westy Beach in Massachusetts was not just dead, but was a zombie shark and a loan shark as well as a writer for the reality show the Jersey Shore. This was discovered after the [...]

MTV Shoots Down Jersey Shore

NEW YORK CITY – After the upcoming sixth season MTVs Jersey Shore will be no more. The show about orange tanned guidos and guidettes has been cancelled effective with the last show of the current season which will air in late December. MTV [...]

Snooki Confirms Newborn Son to Become a Father

It took longer than many people expected but “Jersey Shore” star Snooki today confirmed that her newborn son, Lorenzo, will be a father.

Madonna Wants To Adopt Snooki’s Baby

NEW YORK CITY – Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, star of The Jersey Shore just gave birth to a 6-pound-5-ounce baby boy who she named Lorenzo Domino Pizza LaValle. Snooki said that little Domino, as she plans to call him, shot right [...]
snooki pregnant fist pump baby

Guidos Are Born, Not Made

Jersey Whore

Jersey Whore

snooki pregnant

This Just In…Snooki Pregnant, Maury Povich Gearing Up for Largest Paternity Test Guest Panel in History

The rumor mill is churning with news that Jersey Shore star Snooki is three months pregnant. Evidently, it’s an ectopic pregnancy, which was actually discovered by her hairdresser. The ever-so-opportunistic Ms. Snooki has already been [...]
snooki disco ball

This Just In…Snooki Being Sued for $7 Million

Jersey whore Snooki Polizzi is being sued by a licensing company for $7 million. The grounds for the lawsuit? She cheated on them with another licensing company. The company, SRG Ventures is miffed because Ms. Snooki snubbed their ideas [...]

The Situation is Hopeless

Jersey Shore Scare Prank Gone Wrong Scary Snowman

Don’t Prank Jersey Shore Peeps!

mysterious sea foam Irene

This Just In…Source of Mysterious Sea Foam Discovered!

The mysterious sea foam, captured here live on CNN, had scientists baffled until laboratory testing revealed it’s origin…it seems the frothy find is actually the residue of hair gel from the Jersey Shore aerated by Irene’s [...]
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