Ricky Gervais And Jimmy Fallon Twerk On ‘Late Night (VIDEO)

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Twerking may have officially reached the point of media saturation. When Ricky Gervais had some extra time at the end of his interview segment on “Late Night,” he and Jimmy Fallon decided that they’d fill it with some awkward twerking. Of course, neither of them really understood how to do it, but why let that stop them?

“Come on, show me how to twerk!” Gervais told Fallon.

“I don’t know how to twerk. I’ve never twerked!” Fallon laughed.

Then Gervais came up with the idea to have it be a weird silent twerking, “so if someone’s clicking around now, they’ll just see this.” And so they did, and it was just as strange as you’d imagine. Performance art, perhaps?

So is this the point of no return for twerking? Between Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs — and causing quite the scandal — to Jimmy Kimmel pranking the Internet with his twerk-fail video, even Lady Gaga can’t take it anymore. On “Watch What Happens: Live” Wednesday night, she said, “I think that people need to stop putting the letter ‘T’ before the word ‘werk.’”

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