Madonna Flashes Thong in Rome, Nipple in Istanbul

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madonna flashes thong in rome

Madonna flashes are like that “memory flasher”  from Men in Black….except instead of losing your memory, you lose your lunch.  The “Material Girl” flaunted the lack of material in her undergarments recently at a concert in Rome, pulling down her pants and flashing her thong at the crowd.  Luckily, all the men at a Madonna concert are already turned off to sex with women, old or otherwise so no real harm was done…other than the scattered vomiting.   In a midlife crisis rivaled only by Shirley MacLaine (because she’s had so many), MDNA also flashed a nipple to concertgoers in Istanbul.  Subsequently, bars in Turkey have started serving a drink in her honor called the MDNA Nipple….a shot of Wild Turkey, a shot of Old Grandad, mixed with a jigger of sour milk.  It doesn’t taste good, but it replicates the taste that Madonna’s performance left in everyone’s mouth that night almost exactly.  Hopefully, her next display of exhibitionism will be a twat shot in Dubai that will land her in prison for 10 years (i.e. “Life”).

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