Alexis Kleinman: My Friend, The Comedy Podcast

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Every night when I go to sleep, I have the sounds of Comedy Bang Bang or Doug Loves Movies flowing through my ears. As I step on the subway, I’m listening to Who Charted? or The Todd Glass Show.

There are a few reasons I’m always listening to podcasts. For starters, my roommate snores, and I have a long commute to work. But, more than that, the hosts and guests on these podcasts have become like friends to me. I’ve been listening to Scott Aukerman on Comedy Bang Bang every week for about three years. When I listen to the podcast, no matter where I am, I feel at home.

As time went on I added more shows to my repertoire and now have a whole list of podcasts that I listen to with regularity. I have these podcasts downloaded onto my phone, so I have comfort and laughs wherever I go.

So, what’s so great about podcasts? In a word: they’re free. Sure that’s great for you, but it’s also amazing for the comedians producing them. There’s no pressure to make money, so comedians are more adventurous on their podcasts. You, the listener, are privy to bits, jokes and moments that you would never otherwise hear.

If you’re a comedy fan and you’re not listening, you’re missing out. Check out the following (by no means exhaustive) guide to some of my favorite comedy podcasts to get started.

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