10 Best (And 5 Worst) ‘SNL’ Sketches This Season

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Of SNL’s 38 seasons, I’d wager that at least 30 of them fall somewhere between a B- and B+ on the ratings scale. The show’s never as bad we think it is in the moment, but it’s also never as good as we remember it being. Every season, you’re going to get a handful of great sketches that you’ll never forget, just as you’ll get a ton more terrible ones that you wish you could. This season was no different. You had your duds (boring Daniel Craig, nervous Jeremy Renner, too-soon Kristen Wiig), your instant classics (up-for-anything Louis C.K. and Melissa McCarthy), and then there’s everything else, from Seth MacFarlane’s unmemorable premiere to Ben Affleck’s celebratory finale.

Today, though, we’re not focusing on the B- and B+’s or the boring, dreary cold opens, of which there are many — after the jump are the 10 best and 5 worst sketches from SNL season 38. Please share your favorites, too.

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